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Data Cloud


Scalable, super efficient & cost effective

We have been providing backup services for many years, and it is a particular passion of ours.  Backup is an essential part of your business continuity plan.  If you do nothing else to look after your data asset, you must have a robust backup solution.

Our backup service is feature rich, powerful, very efficient and crucially... off site.  The solution only backs up changes to your data each day (known as delta changes), so, after the initial seed backup, daily backups are very fast.

With a flexible price model depending on your needs, we can backup directly off site, or we can backup to a local server and then replicate off site, giving you the fastest possible recovery times.

We can protect Windows Servers, PC's, Apple Mac and Linux, all within the same product, and, most importantly, we monitor this for you every day.  We also recommend annual Disaster Recovery testing.  This is where we will restore most of your data to a test system to prove that it will work as expected in the event of an incident.

Cyber attacks, viruses, malware, theft, fire, deliberate or accidental actions can lead to significant data loss which many businesses do not recover from.  A quality backup solution is essential.

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